Holi -A festival of victory and enjoyment.

By Prabhakar kumar – http://www.MyView.com


                                                                  Woman Crossing on Bridge                                                                            As we  know  that Holi is the festival of colors and enjoyment . Every festivals  has its   own notion  of  celebration . First of all we  should know  the notion  of  celebrating  any  festivals.  Now  these   days  people   follow  only tradition of   years of  celebrating  any festivals .  All  most  all  Hindu  festivals  have  some  notions  or  reasons of  celebration which  is being followed  since a long time .This  festival is  being  celebrated by  Hindu in India and abroad also .  This  year it  is  going  to  be  celebrated on 21st March , 2019. Behind this festival  , there  is a story of Holika ,sister of Hirankashap ,and  his son Prahlad . Hirankashap was  a very powerful and everlasting Asur . Hirankashpu was  a self proclaimed god.  He  wanted to be worshiped as a God  by common   people. He  had  stopped the  worship  of Vishnu .  But his son was  follower  of God Vishnu .   He never forgiven the   worship of God Vishnu.  After several  efforts  , Hirankashayap  could not get  success to  pressurize  to leave following God Vishnu. Then he  decided to kill his  son Prahlad  with the help of  his sister Holika . Holika  had a gift of being safe  even in  fire . For killing Prahlad  , she  decided to go  into fire  having Prahlad in her lap . In this process ,she herself being killed  due to fire and Prahlad   came out of fire without  any damage   due  to  mercy of  Lord Vishnu. Since then we are  celebrating Holi  due  to  demise  of  Holika.  Here  I want  to  mention that  this  festival    is  celebrated  due  to  victory of  goodness  over  bad  thoughts.  But  in  reality what   we  do  on  the  eve  of  Holi. We  take intoxicant in any  form and  create  social  disorder in our  society.  Why we  do this ?  What  we should  do ?  This  is the  festival of  mutual  enjoyment and   social  brotherhood.  If  we want  to  celebrate  holi in true sense  ,  we  should make   mutual  and  social  relationship   more  strong  and  full  of   human  love. So again I  request  all  of  you to  ponder the  way we are  celebrating the  festival Holi .  Is  there need  to  change  the  way  of  celebrating  this  festival ?  If  so  , Let  us  start  soon . My  best  wishes to  all of  you . ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The End.———————————————————————–

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